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Our estate is comprised of 9 hectares of vines, planted on various plots making the most of the sun exposure, the quality of the soil and the slopes for drainage. 

The vines

The total of 54 acres is made up of 18 acres of vineyards, the rest is meadows and woodland.

The majority of the vines are the "Gamay Noir" variety (clear-juice Black Gamay), planted in a granitic soil with sandy texture, which is perfect for drainage.

In 2000, Laurent decided to plant on the East facing hills, vines of Chardonnay from Burgundy. Today, the estate has 7 acres of white grapes producing 26,000 bottles of Bourgogne Chardonnay.

The vines are situated between 300 to 550 m high, on the steep hills facing South East, and at the end of the summer they benefit from the hot days and cool nights, which are perfect for maturation.

The red vines are on average 45 years old. The main training system is the traditional "Gobelet" (bush). The estate respects the environment by keeping the use of natural fertilizers, weed killers etc to a minimum.


Pruning and harvesting are done manually.


Explore our estate and the different vines by clicking on each plot



Estate land

Estate vines




Le Quart

Le Paragard

Crêt de Charnat

Le Gay

Croix du Ban

Cret de Charnat

Crêt de Charnat

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