This wine has a scent of wisteria and lilac flowers. It has strength and body. Exceptional! A rich and smooth wine to drink chilled during a delicious meal of cheeses and cream dishes.


Bourgogne Chardonnay Acacia aged 2016 / Cuvée Georges Metge (x6)

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75 Centiliters
  • This wine, with its lively and unique character, embodies the qualities of my father, Georges Metge, for whom I dedicate this vintage. This wine has been aged in barrels of acacia wood, giving it a special character: very floral, with aromas of wisteria, lilacs and honeysuckle. The fruitiness blends perfectly with the mineral quality of the wine, distinguishable on the finish.

Château de l'Hestrange - Le Paragard - 69460 - Blacé - France

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